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Discussing of this address of selling sanitary devices, surely the customer can't ignore 1 speech being detected in Ho Chi Minh City - HITA sanitary warehop - grade inch trader, in the event that you are also in need Please consult with this respected titles in this specific sector, why ignore the useful details about HITA below?

Who's HITA sanitary-ware?

HITA can be actually a store devoted to market sanitary and restroom services and products for apartments from affordable to luxury, serving the nationwide industry and growing most in Ho Chi Minh City, neighboring provinces. Method. HITA is not only a place of sale but it develops services Connected with advertising, including:

No cost delivery agency for all orders over the first 20km.

Technical support services offered in house for all clients.

Genuine warranty service, commitment and exchange to pay for reimbursement when HITA detects imitation or fake goods.

Which are the merchandise of HITA sanitary-ware?

Like the amount inch representatives of sanitary-ware, HITA consistently attracts a huge number of services and products and designs of toilet and bathroom products. But together with the benefit of their capacity to sell and furnish services and products, currently, HITA services and products are much more various and are rated by clients because a portion of those addresses that have sorts of sanitary ware products. Meeting with their demands, along with selling many brand names, HITA includes a lot of advantages on this particular specific point HITA products consist of:

Toilet (forms of 1-piece baths, 2-blocks, wall-hung toilets, smart toilets, touch,. .)

Toilet lid (typical toilet lid, mechanical clean cap, touch toilet lid, bright,...)

Urinal (urinal, male and female of kinds)

Bathtubs (glass-walled bathtubs, bath-tubs - high-quality bibs or tubs, massages, etc.)

Types of shower and tub taps (shower heads, handshower, standing shower, showerhead, shower, sinks, lavabo taps, pond faucets, hot tub and cold faucets, fever heaters and showerheads, faucets floor,...)

Toilet accessories (towel ring, clothes hook, toilet paper box, glass plate , floor drain, bath spray, thiet bi ve sinh toto nhat ban shower mirror, and etc.)

And a Few products Utilised in modern toilets, toilets under well-known sanitary ware Brand Names for example:

To to sanitary ware

INAX sanitary ware

Caesar sanitary equipment

Luxta sanitary ware

Lately, HITA has additionally processed a number of goods in some of the above mentioned classes, Brand Ed HITA sanitary tools such as faucets, status showers, and sinks,... to successfully meet the needs of customers. Domestic goods.

If you want to know more about shopping for a undertaking or your household with genuine sanitary equipment products, excellent prices, don't overlook out the name HITA sanitary gear off line!

Information about Ho Chi Minh Town to to Sanitary ware

Address: 111 Kinh Duong Vuong, Ward 12, District 6, Ho Chi Minh City: View map


Cell Telephone: 0868.804.440

Website: https: //

To to Sanitaryware Facts Sheet: https: //

Google Folder: https: //

Google Small Company: bang gia thiet bi ve sinh toto 2018 pdf bi ve sinh toto chinh hang https: //thiet-bi-ve-sinh-hita. / posts/6903570549876088189

Services: Why to to HCMC sanitary ware

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Linkedin Show Case: https: // ly thiet bi ve sinh toto bi ve sinh toto cua nuoc nao []-bi-ve-sinh-toto-showroom-hita

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